Sunday, June 28, 2009

Life Of An Insect

Can an insect teach us anything about our lives?  If an insect unintentionally tries to tell us something about ourselves, why should we listen?  

This next piece is from my 2007 chapbook titled "Manic Muse and Other Observations."


on the windshield one morning 
a newly hatched mayfly scurries 
around the clear glass surface. 

resisting the urge to sweep it away 
with wiperblades I begin driving. 

mayfly clings with suctioned legs 
to glass as the car's speed increases 
down the street. 

I think that any moment the mayfly 
will release and be gone, but no, 
it clings tightly even with one leg. 

in my mind I shout "let go you foolish 
insect, let go!  don't have wings 
so fly for heaven's sake!" 

finally hurricane-like wind wisks 
the clinging mayfly away in an instant, 
clear glass clear again. 

and in my mind a voice shouts at me 
"fly foolish man, fly!"  and stepping 
harder on the accelerator 

I search frantically for wings. 

Poem © 2007 by R. Burnett Baker 

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