Monday, March 2, 2009

Elements of Time

Everything we do, it seems, is a construct of time.  Mostly we try to ignore that fact, not wanting to admit our age, or recognize the end of a pleasant day, or acknowledge the end of a phase of life. We shut off many of our senses, perhaps, to have the convenience of ignorance, or the pretense of bliss. 

But look around at how time surrounds us.  All that we observe can represent its passing, as well as its return.  Return?  Yes, time does return if we just wait.  It leaves and returns in seasons, in the movements of nature, and through the constant renewal of our physical surroundings. 

These few poems below represent simple observations of time, and how we can either ignore it, or watch it unfold, leave us, then return yet again.  Listen for timesongs as you move through your days.  Listen for the lyrics of life. 

face of time 

second hand 
minute hand
hour hand 
in wait. 


increments of life 
on the 
face of time.



petal by petal
a flower on a grave 
blows surely into 
winds of

winter brown grass 
rises green 
on lives gazing at 
tablets of the past, 
testaments to the 


watch died at 547. 
no matter. 

I still turn my wrist, 
check the face, 
and act surprised 
to see an instrument of time 
with moments frozen 
as life's pulse 
beats steadily against 
dead stainless steel. 



backside of a 
morning dawn 
waiting to 
tap us on the shoulder 
from behind. 

Sunset photo taken on the Berri NGL construction site in Jubail, Saudia Arabia, by R. Burnett Baker, 1976.
Headstone photo taken in Somerset, NY, March 2, 2009 by R. Burnett Baker. 
Photos and poems (c)2009 by R. Burnett Baker

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  1. these are wonderful poems and beautifully written...